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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Yard Work

In 2010 we took the plunge & bought our 1st home. The inside had been completely gutted & renovated- about 1800 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths with an open floor plan- the perfect first home for my little family. The only catch is the yard is a MESS & I'm sad to say 2 years later it still is!!

The grass is not grass at all but rather a collection of weeds & the back is full of holes (it looks like my dogs are burying bodies back there). We've done a little here & there but never with much effort to keep it up.

I've never really been an "outdoorsy" girl & have always hated to do yard work but have recently found a new love for gardening (thanks to my mom & daughter). So needless to say I have the itch to renovate. A few months ago, Alissa & I started with the front flower bed & some potted strawberries. Our strawberries have their first fruit flowers- which for us is pretty exciting!!

Our next step is to the have the backyard leveled so we can start with a clean slate & I can't wait!! I'll keep you posted on our progress :))


  1. Sounds exactly like my first house! Beautiful home but bad yard, and Im like you Im not a fan of working in the yard. Luckily my husband is lol! Cant wait to see some before and after pictures!

  2. Hello Cole,

    What a wonderful post! I found you on the A to Z Challenge, and I will definitely be back to read more of your lovely writing!! Keep up the great work.

    We recently renovated our house, so I can definitely relate. Luckily, my husband focuses on the garden, as I do not have a green thumb at all. More like black thumb. With poison on it. Plants and trees actually cringe as I walk by.

    Stop over at my site too if you get a chance. :) I write humor stuff (or sometimes serious stuff that people laugh at? Does that make it humor then?).


    1. I can't wait to see your new yard!

      Welcome to A-Z,

      Kathy M.
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  3. Thank goodness my husband likes to work in the yard, otherwise we'd have a mess! Have fun, and enjoy working with your daughter on it! Look forward to more pictures!

  4. Hate working in the yard, prob why I don't have one..haha...should be interesing to see the before and after difference.

  5. Thanks so much everyone!! I really enjoy reading your comments- My husband shares my dislike in yard work so I have a feeling that this is going to be a very long process but I will definitely share our progress along the way!