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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A- My New Adventure

Being new to blogging I decided to join the A to Z Blogging Challenge. Basically you blog one letter each day in April- excluding Sundays. As you can see I need to jump to the letter S for slacker! We are 4 days into the challenge and I have yet to write for my first letter... typical me.
I have found a new love in blog surfing and look forward to sharing to mine. This challenge has already brought new followers to my page. I get super excited to see comments on my posts (yes, I'm a dork! lol). With that being said, I have every intention to catch up and finish strong!

*Thanks Three Loud Kids for sharing the challenge with me!*


  1. Remember AOL's blog that we used to do?! Miss those days! haha

    1. I forgot all about that! I would love to be able to read what we used to blog about- that would be interesting! :p