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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

O- Orlando

Orlando, Florida is one of my family's favorite get away spots! There are so many fun options- theme parks, great shopping selections, so many different (delicious) restaurants, great hotels and much more!

Last year we took Alissa to Disney's Magic Kingdom for the first time and she loved it! It really is a magical experience. As a child, I loved to go to Disney World. I can remember the pure excitement when first walking into The Magic Kingdom and seeing Cinderella's Castle! (She was and has always been my favorite!) Now as an adult, better yet a mother, I still feel the same excitement but with a little something more... I love watching my daughter's face light up and see to see the sparkle in her eyes when she meets a Princess or favorite character.

This year instead of spending a small fortune on her 6th birthday party that would only last a few hours we decided to buy annual passes to Disney and make a weekend out of it. My husband works for a car dealership so our story was, we we're going out to town to pick up a car for daddy's work and that we we're going to stay the night in a hotel so we didn't have to wake up early to drive (we are all night owls, including Alissa) so long story short we drove the 2 hours to Orlando, checked into the hotel and went to sleep. The next morning my husband snuck out before she woke up and came back with a bouquet of Disney balloons and a singing Mickey Mouse card- She was so excited!!

We spent the next few days park hopping, making memories, and having a blast!!

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  1. Ahh, bet she was over the moon. Love Disney - so much fun - hope you enjoyed it. Nice to meet you on the A-Z.