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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Whats for supper?!

Supper seems to be an every day struggle in my home.There are 3 major problems-
1. I am not a mind reader (although my family thinks I am) and when I ask what they want for supper I always get an "I don't know"!
2. I never liked to be in the kitchen growing up and until recently I still wasn't so sure of my ability to cook. With that said, I am very limited on the meals that I actually know how and feel comfortable cooking. (Mom always said I needed to learn to cook, I should have listened... by the way Mom is ALWAYS right!)
3. Last but not least- I live with two of the pickiest eaters ever! My husband is a serious meat and potatoes guy and my daughter seems to only like "crunchy" food. Which is probably from eating chicken nuggets and shake n bake everything.

Our weekly meals typically consist of tacos or nachos, spaghetti with or without meatballs depending on how tired I am that day, oven fried pork chops or chicken legs (crunchy as my daughter calls them), pepper steak with rice (my FAVE) and breakfast. I try to make a nice supper on Sundays which is usually a baked chicken or a roast. We often eat out or order in to switch it up a little bit but that can get expensive and not to mention, I find myself disappointed more than satisfied with restaurant food. So with the help of Pinterest (I should be paid for how many times I recommend this site!) I have started to venture out into the wonderful world of cooking. Last night I made crunchy pork chops and paired them with green beans and a new side which came from a recipe I found on Pinterest (which took me to iVillage) for bacon mac and cheese. It was delicious and pretty simple- if I can do it so can YOU!

The left is the picture from Pinterest and the one on the right is mine! ** I recommend not skipping out on the sour cream and chive toppings- it adds a little tang!

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  1. I was in your shoes a few years ago! My husband won't eat anything green. At all. And all beans, he won't touch those. My kids are less picky, but more in the way that they will like something one day and dislike it the next.

    Id say just get out there and try making new stuff. Worse come to worse if the meal fails, call it a pizza night. Thats what I did. =]